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Welcome to Alcester Court Leet


News and Headlines

    2014 - 2015

  • Annual Court Leet Elections
    Thursday 8th October, 7:30pm in Alcester Town Hall. All residents of the Manor of Alcester are invited. See here...
  • Alcester Mop Fair Official Opening - Tuesday 6th October at 4pm.
  • High Bailiff's Concert, Saturday 19th September in St Nicholas Church, 7pm.
    Read more here
  • The Court Leet Family Fun day, Saturday September 5th from 1pm In the Scout and Guide Centre field.
    Something for all the family - traditional fete activities, children's rides, bouncy castle, real live lambs, barbecue, beer and soft drinks. Bring the children and enjoy a fun packed afternoon.
    Visit the Funday page
  • 2015 Hollywood Street Market lucky program number
    The Number is 87.
    If you are the holder of this lucky programme please contact the High Bailiff, Vaughan Blake on 07833 187 060 to claim your bottle of champagne.
  • Here are the quiz answers: 2015 Quiz Answers


    Previous Years

  • Alcester Court Leet Mop Fair, Tuesday 7th October 4pm. Read the Proclamation here.
  • Alcester Court Leet Annual Court Thursday 9th October at 7:30 pm in Alcester Town Hall.
  •
  • Find the answers to the Street Market programme Quiz.
    Click here
  • Come to the Court Leet 1940s Night Supper, Dance and Cabaret on Friday 6th June 2014. It will be held in the Greig Sports Hall.
    Download the flyer and application form...
  • Family Fun Day with Minnie and Mickey Mouse Alcester Scout and Guide Centre, Moorfield Road Saturday 7th September from 1pm. Read more
  • Court Leet Quiz and Fish & Chip Supper. Firday 12th July, Town Hall. Quizmaster was Stephen Godfrey. A great night enjoyed by one and all.
  • River clean by Gunnings Bridge 30th June. A benefit to the Alcester Community.
  • Discover the answers to the "Name the Famous George - ians" Quiz.
    Click here to open the answer sheet.
  • New - read the High Bailiff's Facebook Blog - click here (no login required)
  • Read the Altrincham "Charge" or description of Court Leet Officer duties as written hundreds of years ago.
  • Court Leet Past bailiffs from 1424
  • Court Leet vintage news archive


Oh yez, oh yez, oh yez, Our Next Event is...


Official Opening of the Alcester Mop Fair
Tuesday 6th October at 4pm.


Annual Court Leet Elections
Thursday 8th October,
7:30pm in Alcester Town Hall. All residents of the Manor of Alcester are invited. See here...


Crying in new High and Low Bailiffs 2013
Crying in the new High and Low Bailiffs October 2014

(front l-r) High Bailiff - Vaughan Blake, Town Crier - David Parkes
and Low Bailiff - Tim Forman

Back row (l-r) Immediate Past Bailiff, Steven Brown and Constable, Martin Burden


What does the Alcester Court Leet do today?

Ceremoniously dressed officers can be seen participating in, or re-enacting their ancient roles at events throughout the year, bringing to people today glimpses of Alcester’s colourful past.


The Court Leet originated in England in the Court Baron, a Court authorised by the King and presided over by the Baron or landowner. It mainly dealt with matters relating to the duties and services owed by the peasants or villeins (not Freemen) to the Lord of the Manor or Baron. Read more on the history page


Who are the members of the Alcester Court Leet?

The current Lord of the Manor is the Most Honourable Henry Jocelyn Seymour Marquess of Hertford.

Members of the Court Leet are all persons who have formally sworn the ancient Oath of Frankpledge.

New members automatically become Jurymen of the Court.

Court Leet Officers are elected annually from and by the Jurymen at a ceremony held each October in Alcester Town Hall.

Elected officers wear the traditional ceremonial robes of their office on all formal Court occasions.


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